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Transform with our Skills Development Centre

Elevate your organisation with our tailored programs for high-performing professionals, executives, teams, and entire organisations.

The Skills Development Centre enables you to uplift your workforce capability though our scientifically validated assessments. Our customised solutions are designed to help you understand your skills gaps, highlighting high performers and enabling you to re-skill and up-skill your teams. Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, fostering high-performing, skilled, and adaptable staff to thrive in a shifting environment.


engage, motivate and retain


leverage strengths and identify gaps


continuous improvement, adaptable, learning agility


Create an engaged, motivated workforce. Show up as an organisation committed to investing and building your internal capability.

Enhance your organisation’s performance, increase productivity, and support succession planning with a clearly identifiable and actionable skills architecture.

Foster long-term retention, engagement and culture, and ensure a robust talent pipeline for future organisational success.

Price on application


Predict team potential and performance with scientifically and statistically validated diagnostics, and in-depth reports.

Our bespoke upskilling labs help you identify the right people, and the right fit, with the right skills and capabilities – increasing performance and culture.

Build in continuous learning and
development and recognise and retain your key team members.

Prices start from $4,500 (NZD)


Empower your executive leaders to excel beyond their current roles and prepare for future challenges.

Combines predictive talent diagnostics and reporting with personalised coaching.

Transform your leadership development from a guessing game into a data-driven, strategic, outcome-focused process, and witness the revolution in your executive development strategy.

Prices start from $10,000 (NZD)
360 assessment and development available on request


For organisations wanting an engaged and motivated workforce and committed to investing and building their human capability.

Identify and nurture top talent, align high potentials with key leadership roles, and design personalised professional development strategies, plans and programmes.

Prices from $1000 (NZD)

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